Beyond the Mercato Metropolitano:
An Evening with Moving Pictures Cinema and Science Fiction Theatre

by Madeline Colker

February 22, 2019

Moving Pictures Cinema and London’s Science Fiction Theatre have partnered to create the sci-fi lover’s ideal night. Tucked between artisanal food stalls inside the Mercato Metropolitano, a crowd of science fiction enthusiasts gathered for the night’s feature, Beyond the Black Rainbow. Moving Pictures Cinemas is a space for creativity and community within the South London film scene.

The Cinema’s open red doors introduce the moviegoer to a small hub of culture and entertainment within the Mercato, where guests can relax in an array of armchairs, order drinks at the Cinema bar, and catch up with friends before the night’s main attraction.

“You can’t find other places in the city that show these films,” said Mark, a member of the Science Fiction Theatre and fan of Moving Pictures Cinema.

A screening of Panos Cosmatos’ Beyond the Black Rainbow would certainly be hard to find playing anywhere else. The 2010 Canadian horror sci-fi film is an electric trip of filmmaking. The film centers around Dr. Barry Nyle (played with a fearful intensity by Scott Hyland) and his obsession with the telepathic abilities of his test subject/captive, Elena (Eva Bourne). Elena’s imprisonment and journey towards freedom is expressed through the subtleties of Bourne’s acting, where an unblinking stare or the twitches of a smile speaks volumes. The film’s psychedelic visual sequences punch through a mesmerizing synthesizer soundtrack to create a hauntingly poetic tale of obsession, power, and freedom.

The night had the feel of a true community as lovers of film and science fiction came together to watch this cult classic. As visitors left the theatre, they were greeted with the bustle of the Mercato, serving as a reminder that while they had just left a world of fantasy, there were plenty of adventures happening all around them.